If you are looking for gambling apps for your smartphone or tablet, you should consider certain features. First, the games should be realistic. Of course, they are not identical to those in Las Vegas, but it authentic enough that you should focus serious about your betting and gaming. They should also betting is needs in relation to wager that meet limits and payment options. A popular casino game craps is to predict the players, and bet on the numbers will occur, if they roll a pair of dice. The following craps apps feature a comfortable blend of real-money-betting and playing for enjoyment.

Slotland is an online casino and application, the users play with real money. It works with any device, because the mobile version is played by the device browser. It offers many game options, including double happiness, Fruit Mania, Golden8, and Magic Slots. While it is mainly dedicated to gaming machines, it offers a highly rated bank craps game. It also offers money crapless, high points, New York, and Simplified Craps. In addition to the app, you can Slotland from its website on demand without having to download anything to play. Slotland offers a variety of options, including payment VISA, Neteller, Moneybookers and Instadebit. You can also invest in the jackpot rising consistently.

The app with the simple title of Craps is available for most devices. Craps is free and offers good practice if you plan to live in a real casino. Craps does not use real money, but it is known for its stunning graphics. It shows real dice and adds authentic gaming features to the game. Craps is an effective time-occupiers and can help you to get in the zone for an upcoming casino trip.
My Craps Game

My Craps Game only works with Kindle tablets. It will not work on the phone, even if you have an Android operating system. This app allows you to buy chips with real money and effective practice for real casinos. There is also a video and help section if you are a novice craps in or are confused about the app. My Craps Game uses real Las Vegas rules and regulations, so that it feels almost like in a real casino.
Casino Huit

Casino Huit is to use the Apple and Android app stores and no real money or dollar sign any kind. Once, you could play for real money, but now the game is only for entertainment purposes. Casino Huit is said to have a fast running time. It is not a sophisticated game, but it is an effective occupation and practice for the real thing. Casino Huit is also easy to use and understand, even for beginners.
Craps Lite

Craps Lite is a free Apple and Android app with high quality graphics and an easy to use interface. It gives you the real casino experience as the other apps on this list, but with more and better information. Craps Lite uses chip intervals of $ 100, $ 500 and $ 1,000. It has 100 calls stick. In addition, Craps Lite similar real Las Vegas gambling with its rules and table layout. You do not have to bet with real money.

The best Craps apps are those that offer an authentic playing experience. You do not always have real money, but many offer experience and practice for real casinos. Most of the programs on this list are free. Most can be used with any mobile device, and they are all easy-to-use interface and comprehensive help sections.