For the average person who is new to gambling, shooting craps tends to look very confusing. Nevertheless, it is to learn a relatively simple game. As long as you understand the basics of the game and as pass line bets works, you are well on your way to get started. Remember, there are 40 different bets in craps, but many of them have very poor chances and should be avoided.
The pass line bet has a good chance

One of the biggest reasons so many professional players recommend you start with pass line bets is that be with a house edge of only 1.41, it is considered one of the safest bets in any casino. To place this type of bet you have your chips on the “Pass Line” before the person shooting the dice makes his throw set, or wait until he rolled up and made his point. In game terms this is called the “Come Out Roll”. The amount of your bet must meet the specified table or house min.
Win or lose your bet

If you place your bet on the pass line, there are two roles, you make a winner. The shooter must either a 7 or an 11 roll on his come out roll. So you lose your bet, the shooter must be something called “craps” numbers roll. These are 2, 3 and 12, if you shoot the person rolling the dice and one of these numbers is the bet that you have placed on the Pass Line, but still lose get to keep rolling.
The point number

If the shooter rolls any other number, but the above, the point number will become. These numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 Gamblers also refer to this as the “box numbers” as they sit the only numbers in their own boxes are on the table. To identify the box number for all weather, the dealer will mark the appropriate box with a puck. Thus, when the shooter a total of 5, 5, the number of dot. He must then take a 5 before he rolls a seven, to keep the shooting.
Sevening Out

If the shooter happens to roll before a seven rolls the point number, you lose your bet. This is known as “Sevening out.” Once the person-shooter sevens out of line with the dice is over. He must give to a new shooter the dice. The new shooter begins the table with a new Come Out roll. At this point, the whole process starts all over again, and you can put another bet on the Pass Line.
Winning on the Pass Line

In the event you were betting on the pass line and the shooter rolls his point number before he rolls a seven, you win. In game terms this as “make your point.” All Pass Line bets pay even money to win. So if you a $ 10 bet and the shooter’s point, you will get your money back and $ 10 to go in the profit with him. After having taken his place, he gets to roll a new number to come out and the whole process begins again.

Betting the pass line on the table is considered to be the safest bet in the house. The Casino reserves only 1.41 edge with this bet you the best possible rates. In contrast to a box number bet where you have to count on the shooter to roll a certain number, with a pass-line bet you can count on him to roll his point number before he rolls a seven. The odds are much better, as it is a very small chance to roll him up seven or eleven first.