Net Entertainment games are usually based on Flash. The newer games have excellent graphics and overall quality. Old games are just okay. Some games have a speed selection with 9 levels, so that a quick game to play. Game selection is good, inlcuding several low house edge per bet poker games such as Texas Hold’em Bonus, Casino Hold’em, and Oasis poker. Slots are well designed and popular with players. Surveys of forums usually rank Net Ent as one of the top two favorite software. In the past, I listed a low house edge keno game in this summary. This game seems to have been removed. I consider the known Net Ent casinos reputable, such as the Affiliate Lounge Group and VC.


Net Ent bonuses are almost always cashable, and usually before bet.

Country Restrictions

Net Ent casinos exclude players from the United States. Restrictions vary for other countries considerably. The Affiliate Lounge group often restricts players from Australia and the UK. VC Bet and shop restrict Finland.