Let It Ride is also known as Let ‘Em Ride, Let Them Ride, Poker Ride, Ride On Poker, Free Ride and Poker Pursuit. The many names can “Let It Ride” by Shuffle Master refer copyrighted the traditional game name. The game is a poker variant with two increases, since the two community cards are turned over. High house advantage of the game and high variance, it is a poor choice for the bonus game when other games are available.

Rules and Play

After placing a bet, the player receives a five-card poker hand – three cards face up and two community cards face down. After the first three cards, the player has the option to increase, and its use doubled. The wager increases are carried out in one of two ways. Either the player adds his bet with each raise. Or the player starts with 3 bets, then removes one of the bets, if he does not want to increase. Both methods have the same result. After the increase, one of the community cards are turned over, so that 4 of the 5 cards are visible. The player then has a chance to increase again. Next, the last card is turned over, reveals the full 5-card hand. The player is paid according to the posted payout table. The minimum hand is a pair of 10’s.

Use most software, the standard paytable. These include Microgaming (Poker Ride), Playtech, Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic, Odds On, World Gaming and Net Ent. Microgaming offers a second version of the game called Poker Pursuit, with a slightly worse payout. Rival uses an improved payout table. The bonus casino 5Dimes offers a choice of many improved pay tables. 5Dimes offered two pay tables with a small edge player in the past, but the minimum house edge to 0.95% will be in July 2013. Boss Media, WagerWorks, Chartwell and GrandVirtual not offer Let Them Ride.

Optional bonus bet

Let It Ride offers an optional bonus bet. Like most side bets, the house edge of the bonus bet is significantly larger than the house edge of the main game.


Let It Ride strategy is far less complex than video poker. With a 3-card hand, increase if you with the following conditions have just a flush on a paying hand or 3 – no gaps, one gap & high card, or two columns and two high cards. With four cards in your hand, increase if you to a flush or four to a straight with the following conditions have a paying hand, 4 – no gaps or 4 high cards. Note that “High Card” shows 10 or higher. The house edge can be improved to the above strategy by ~ 0.003% with the following exceptions. 3 They will not increase, a straight flush with the A23, A24, A34 or 234 but not to increase at a 4 to a straight with A234.

The hands 4 to a straight with no gaps and high cards 0 and 4 to a straight with a gap and 4 high card in the same house edge per initial bet with and without salary increase. However, the house edge per unit wagered bottom with a raise. It’s about if you make to your advantage, a raise on this betting, a betting terms, but you may prefer not to raise, if they have a single bet.

Microgaming has an autoplay function for this game. I believe that increases are programmed for optimum return, although I do not confirmed in all conditions.

Variance and Bet Size

The standard deviation per hand Let It Ride is 5.17 and the standard deviation is set per unit 4.66. The latter value of 4.66 for the estimate of the range, while a suitable application requirements.

With a variance this high, there is a good chance of busting before completing wagering requirements. You may want to use a non-traditional betting strategy. You can start by selecting a normal bet size. If you get a big win, then switch to a small bet size and grind the bets, or switch to a lower variance game. This strategy increased average yield and reduced cost. It is also very chance bet stays long without showing gains, reduced for them. The downside is an increased risk of busting.