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5 Things To Know About Card Counting know

Card counting is a technique used in blackjack that uses a high-low system to determine whether or not you can get a winning hand. Many people try it, because they believe they can increase their chances of winning, and while some are successful, it is not as easy as it sounds. Before you try card counting, there are some things you want to know. Once you do that, you can change your mind about the use of this controversial tactic.
It is easy to learn but difficult to put into practice

It is fairly easy to learn how to count cards, and all you need is a couple of decks of regular playing cards. Once you know how it is done, you can practice at home until you perfect it. The problem comes when you try to do it in the casino. It is very difficult, with so much to you to focus around, and the dealer can deal the cards much faster than you can count. The biggest problem, however, is that once you are determined, it’s over, and casino employees are trained to figure it out.
It is perfectly legal

Because it is not a scam, and anyone can do it, is to count cards in state-regulated casinos legal. This does not mean that you can do it without consequences. If a dealer or pit boss spots you count cards, you probably thrown out. Since they prohibit anyone from playing at the casino for any reason, they do not even have to prove that you can actually count cards. If they suspect that you are, they will not hesitate from the property, perhaps even permanently.
You need to be a math genius,

If you are the cards to successfully count, you need to be pretty good at math. The cards are moving quickly, and also lacks a map throw the whole number. Not only that, but you have to do it in a fast paced environment with lots of distractions. If you have problems when adding or subtracting in your head, you are probably trying to fight cards in a casino. The practice will help, but do not make a difference math skills.
The casino it out

If a player wins every time he or she walks in the door, the casino loses money. Casinos do not want to lose, so they spend every year millions of dollars on techniques to prevent fraud and card counting. You know the newest ways card counters are in operation, unless you come up with a completely new idea on your own, it is removed from. Once they do, they will take you away from the casino. It is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of time.
You can be arrested

While card counting is technically legal, there are cases where you can be arrested. If you are an electronic device, so you count cards, you can be arrested. This includes a mobile telephone. With a device is fraud, and fraud is illegal in casinos. For this reason, you are not allowed to use cell phones at the table games. So once you do you will get a warning if you are thought to be fraud. Do yourself a favor and let your phone or other device in your pocket or purse.

While card counting is perfectly legal, this does not mean that a casino has to make you do it. You can, and will, take out, if they suspect that you count cards. While it may seem like an easy way to earn money seem, it is actually difficult to put into practice, and can be very stressful in a casino environment. Take these things into consideration before you try to count cards.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy Tips

A blackjack tournament strategy differs from standard table games. Gambling involves playing against any other players, not just the dealer. For this reason, the strategy for tournament play requires the ability to read your opponents, managing your bankroll to stay on the number of chips at the table, and know when to bet aggressively, and if, conservative bet. There are some tips that can be used to be a sound strategy during the tournament.
See the other players carefully

At the beginning of the tournament, pay close attention to the other players? Aggression. Some players bet extremely aggressively in the first five hands. Other players start conservatively for the first five hands. Those who try to start aggressively to get a jump start on the number of chips. The betting conservatively at the beginning try to stand back and watch the other players and the cards.
Know when Aggressive Bet

You must know when to aggressively to the lead in the table win bet. Starting aggressive is an effective method for gaining an early lead, but there is no guaranteed method. Stay with a continuous use for at least five hands for the best rates. The last five hands are the most important throughout the blackjack tournament strategy, so that is one of the best times to bet aggressively. You can force other opponents to increase their bets during the tournament to gain an advantage when you are ahead in the chip count.
Slide Betting If the percentage in the Lead

If you are in the table have the chip lead, increase your betting amount. This forces the other enemies to increase their bets to try to catch up with you. Since you have a larger number of chips, you can strategically bet a lot that forces your opponent, a greater proportion of their bankroll than you bet. This increases your chances for staying in a leash and forces the other players out of the game. Keep an eye on the number of chips at the table, and when you see, you are at the top, from increasing bets.
The opposite of the Leader If background

If you are behind in chips, do the opposite of the leader. If the leader is betting big, bet you small stakes. If the leaders of small bets, use this option to bet big. The idea is not to put the obligation to larger bets and trying to catch up, get the guide when betting small pushed. So, watch the market leader, if you use behind their strategy, like your own, only in reverse.
Pay attention to the cards

Blackjack strategy is determined by the quality of the cards you are dealt. Try to keep thrown on the cards during the game a watchful eye. Your betting strategy is often determined by the quality of the cards. It is not possible to count cards, but can also be closely monitored. Pay attention to the cards that are played. This helps you assess the opportunities to cast the next card.

Blackjack tournament strategy is not much different than standard table games. The main difference in strategies is the need to read other players. Since there are other players to try to push them out of the game, the strategy to beat the dealer in a standard game is not enough. Make sure that you are prepared for tournaments before jumping into a large bankroll. Look for tournaments, which require a small buy-in to get the needed experience to perfect your strategy.

What is the difference 6:05 to 3:02 blackjack?

Casinos slow implementation of a rule change in the game of blackjack. Many players are not aware of any such amendment or its meaning. Therefore, casinos continue to the number of games that increase use of this new rule because it favors the house. This slight rule change may have a significant impact on the casino advantage.
How do you get blackjack?

When you play blackjack, if you have a sheet with ten value card (10, Jack, Queen, King or) and an Ace, you have a natural 21 This is also known as “Black Jack”. Since you scored your first two cards total 21, you get a bonus payout instead of the usual even money (1:1) payout for a win. Unless the dealer also has a blackjack then this is called a “push” or tie, and no money is exchanged.
What is a Payout 3.02 blackjack?

This is the original bonus payout for blackjack. This rule has been around for decades and is considered the standard blackjack payout. Suppose you were to bet $ 10 for a hand blackjack. If you won the hand, you would win $ 10. However, if you receive a blackjack, $ 15 would win. This rule is advantageous for the player. It is one of the reasons the players are able to play blackjack with only a small advantage for the casino.
Why are casinos change to a 6:05 payout?

Do not like casinos that an experienced player who used blackjack basic strategy can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. In fact, a blackjack player who, in combination with basic card counting strategy actually uses an edge over the casino. To combat this, casinos discovered a way to pass without indignation to change the rules a large part of their customer base. They realized that they could change the distribution to the Blackjack 6:05, and most players would not notice the difference or understand the implications.
What does reveal a blackjack survey?

Gamblers were asked to leave a casino. The casino had blackjack games with the same rules, except some of the games had a payout 3.02 blackjack and some had a payout 6:05. The players blackjack games were played 06:05 wondered why they played these games when there was 3:02 games. The majority responded that they do not notice, modify the rule or that they do not really understand what it meant. A smaller percentage said that they thought 06.05 clock was better than 3.02 since the numbers were higher. The smallest percent specified that once they realized was only the 6:5 payout of the better games 3:02 they changed.
How Does a Bad 6:05 Payout Hurt You?

If you bet 10 and get a on a blackjack game 06.05 clock, instead of receiving $ 15, you get only 12 dollars. This may not seem like a significant difference, but this one usually gives the casino an additional 1.39 percent advantage. If you were betting $ 10 per hand over a period of four hours of the time (80 hands per hour), this would be a rule change will cost on average about $ 45.

Do not be reached in casinos with this deception and changing the rules in their favor. If you encounter a game 06.05 clock, not to play, and not frequent casinos that use this horrible rule. Make sure that the casino staff know why you so that you have their casino. Tell them you will not come back until they return to change their standard blackjack rules 3:02 disbursement.

Microgaming Casinos


In my opinion, Microgaming Viper is the best casino software in use today. Games have excellent graphics and the overall quality. Game variety is greater than other software. Most games have an autoplay function and analysis of results, including table games such as blackjack. Most video poker games show, the optimal strategy when playing through an auto-hold function. A drawback of Microgaming casinos is their large file size. Download the full suite of 250 + games can take more than 1 GB on the hard disk. Microgaming casinos are generally considered to be reputable. However, several groups are developing a history of disputes players, as indicated by the Fortune Lounge Casino Rewards and Mini Vegas Group warnings.


Most Microgaming casinos offer a “ClearPlay” bonus, which is described in detail in the ClearPlay section. In traditional implementation of a ClearPlay bonus a player can at any time make profits if wagering requirements have been met or not. But now a growing number of groups require players to bet on the sign-up bonus complete. All games are usually allowed, but some little count towards wagering. Some Microgaming casinos offer bonuses free game where a player has a bankroll of up to $ 1000 given in a Flash version of the site without deposit. Profits given to the free play to the player as a bonus to their initial deposit. A minority of Microgaming casinos offer cashable bonuses traditional with a wager requirement.

Country Restrictions

Most Microgaming casinos allow players from all countries. A good amount of traffic on this site, with the exception of the United States As of November 10 2008 Micro gaming casinos have not let new players from the USA. Allow multiple groups still existing players from the USA. The Grand Prive and Mini Vegas Group restrict players from Finland. Betway restricts players from Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK. Ladbrokes limits players from Germany. Players can usually claim the bonus in the same size of their home currency. For example, a bonus $ 100, to be 100 or 100.

Oasis Poker – Introduction

Oasis Poker is a variation of Caribbean Stud Poker, discards allowed for a fee. I’ve only watched the game with Net Entertainment, Vuetec and Gale Wind software. Low house advantage of the game is a viable option, if Blackjack and Multi-Hand Video Poker is not available.

Standard Rules and Play (Net Ent)

After placing a bet, the player and dealer are dealt a five-card poker hand. Only 1 of 5 cards of the dealer is visible. At this point, the player can choose to discard one or more of its cards. For each tray, the player is a penalty to the size of the Ante bet pays equal. Once you reject a selection and get replacement cards, the game is identical to Caribbean Stud Poker. He must decide to either fold and lose the hand, or raise. Increasing the bet has 2x ante bet size, so that the total bet for a raise is 3x the initial deployment. If the player raises, then there are several possible payouts.

-When the dealer has an ace and a king or better (eg A, K, 7,6,5), the dealer “qualified.” If the dealer does not qualify (regardless of whether the player wins or loses the hand) back, then pays winnings on the ante bet and the raise bet.

-When the player loses the hand and the dealer qualifies, then the player loses the full bet.

-When the player wins the hand and the dealer qualifies, then the player wins the ante bet and the bet pays increase after a certain payout table. Net Entertainment is the standard payout table which is given below.

Gale wind variation

Gale Wind offers a variation of Oasis Poker with slightly modified rules. The player can exchange any number of discards for variable costs, and the payment of a full house is reduced. Strategy is the same as standard poker oasis (never discard more than one card).


The written guidelines below should give the right decision for everyone, but close call hands. For optimal strategy for close call hands, you can use the Oasis Poker Strategy Calculator.

Unlike video poker, the player should rarely be rejected due to the high cost of a replacement card. The most important cases, in which the player must be discarded:
First four to a straight flush and royal flush, no straight or flush pat
The second four to a flush, without pair *
3 Four to an outside straight (2 options, just to make such. B. 4567), without pair *

* The discard strategy can easily be improved by also discarding …
-Four To a flush with a 22-66 pair, if the dealer upcard is a greater rank than the pair
Four to an outside straight with a 22-33 pair, if the dealer upcard is a greater rank than all the cards straight in the
-Four To an inside straight with no pair, when the high card of the straight line is 10 or greater, and the dealer upcard lower rank than all the cards in the straight

After discards, strategy for Raise and Fold decisions is about the same as Caribbean Stud Poker. The simple strategy of increasing with an Ace / King / Jack / 8/3 or better results in a house edge of ~ 0.1% optimal. Wizard of Odds provides the following strategy to improve further results to ~ 0.001% from the optimum.

Always with a pair or higher to raise, fold with less than ace / king, and raise on ace / king, if one of the following three rules:
1 Raise if the dealer’s card is a 2 through queen and corresponds to one of you.
Second lifting, when the card of the dealer is an ace or king and queen or a jack in the hand.
3rd lift, if the dealer does not rank any of you fit and you have in hand a Queen and the dealer’s card is less than your fourth highest card.

House Edge

Under standard rules, the house edge (per initial bet defined) of Oasis Poker is 1.04%. The average bet size is 2.18x the initial ante bet, so that the house edge per unit wagered 0.47%. The latter value of 0.47% is expected for the estimated loss, while a suitable application requirements. Note that the house edge of Oasis Poker is far below Caribbean Stud, due to discards. Under the Gale Wind variant of the house edge is 1.20%, and the house edge is 0.55% per bet.

Variance and Bet Size

The standard deviation per original use of Oasis Poker is 2:50. The standard deviation is 1.69 per bet. The latter value is the estimate of the range, while a suitable application requirements. Comparing the standard deviation per bet to other low-margin (per bet) games … Oasis Poker has a higher variance than Black Jack, a smaller variance than Texas Hold’em Bonus and a similar variance in 25-Hand Jacks or Better (combined use).

The following table shows the possibility of termination of the deposit above balance with unlimited bankroll, after completing a wagering requirement with 4 bet sizes (size of the ante bet). The standard payout schedule adopted. See the Returns & Variance Calculator for accurate estimates.

Playtech Casinos


Playtech is one of the largest and most famous casinos software. In addition to the usual table games, many Playtech casinos offer live dealer blackjack technology and switch. Games are very fast. An experienced player can complete more than 1,000 hands of blackjack per hour. Graphic and general quality are good. I think games fair. Show my affiliate statistics show that the average player designates results are close to the expectations. Some of the Playtech groups are reputable. Some do not.


Some Playtech casinos offer cashable bonuses traditional with a wager requirement. Some cashable bonus will be given at the beginning of the competition. Others are given only after completion of bets (post-bet). Many Playtech casinos offer “sticky” bonuses can be bet, but never withdrawn. A good portion of the bonuses restrict the games Blackjack Surrender and Blackjack Switch, but allow standard blackjack. Bonuses can bet for certain countries or other restrictions have increased, so be sure to read full T & C before the game.

Country Restrictions

Playtech casinos to exclude players from the United States. Restrictions for other countries are very different. The Golden Palace group limited Canada. The Mansion Group and Bet 365 restrict Finland and the Netherlands. Totesport restricted Finland, Sweden and Germany. Grosvenor and Sportingbet restrict Australia.

Players can usually claim the bonus in the same size of their home currency. For example, a bonus $ 100, to be 100 or 100. Many casinos increase bets for British players becuase of the increased value of the bonus.



Pontoon is a blackjack variant offered by Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Orbis and Gale Wind. There are many unique rule differences from traditional blackjack, including murderers, and 5-card hand pay 02:01.

Rules and Play

The player has the same options as traditional blackjack strategy, but the choices have different names. Hit called “Twist”, Booth is called “Stick”, and double-click is “buy”. Pontoon has the following rule differences from traditional Blackjack:

Blackjack is called “Pontoon” and pays 02:01. This is the best hand.

-Each 5-card hand pays 02:01. This is the second highest hand.

-Pushes be treated as losses.

-None of the dealers cards are visible until the hand is finished.

-The player can hit after a double.

-The player may double to 3 or 4 card hands.

-The player can beat and double-split Aces.

-A 2-card 21 after separation aces as a pontoon (blackjack) treated.


The following table shows the optimal strategy with default rules that are used by Playtech, Net Ent, Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Orbis and Gale Wind. “Number of cards” refers to the number of cards in your hand. Optimal strategy changes the number of cards to increase because 5-card hand pay 02:01. Microgaming Pontoon not allow players to hit more than one card to split aces, which in a single difference from the following table – hit a pair of aces, rather than split.

House Edge

The house advantage of gains and losses due to the rule changes from the traditional blackjack to each other, so that the house advantage of Pontoon is similar to traditional blackjack. It is 0.38% with standard rules at Playtech, Cryptologic, Orbis and Gale Wind (H17, 8 decks), 0.39% with Microgaming rules (S17, 8 decks, one card to split aces) are used , with 0.41% Net Ent (H17, 6 decks) and 0.73% with Real Time Gaming default rules (H17, 2 decks). Real Time Gaming casinos so the operator to configure the number of decks. The house edge is 0.38% at RTG casinos that choose to use 8 decks instead of 2. The above estimates on house advantage Wizard of Odds “analysis with confirmation by an independent simulation.

Variance and Bet Size

The standard deviation per original use of pontoon 1.44 and the standard differential is set per unit 1.35. This is quite a bit higher than tradtional blackjack on the increased rate of double and 2:01 withdrawals, so you may want a smaller bet size than you would use for blackjack if you have a wagering requirement with pontoon.

The following table shows the possibility of termination of the deposit above balance with unlimited bankroll, after completing a wagering requirement with 4 bet sizes.

Real Time Gaming CASINOS


Real Time Gaming is a large and well-known casino software providers. Table games are fast. An experienced player can complete nearly 1,000 hands of blackjack per hour. Graphics and overall quality above average, but worse than some of the large groups, such as Microgaming and Playtech. There are different pay tables in use with Real Time Gaming casinos, so house edge of a particular game can vary from one casino to the next. Many casinos offer a Joker Poker player with a small advantage. Some players like the many features and free spins with RTG slots. Real Time Gaming casino operators can also use the return of their slot machines. I believe that the standard slot payout is 95%.

As a whole, Real Time Gaming casinos are less serious than the other main groups. There are some trusted casinos that have “instant withdrawals”. But there are also some of the least respected casinos around that can take weeks to pay. The following casinos are known to be safe and reliable – Bodog, Club World (with CM accredited), iNetBet (accredited by CM) Main Street group (with CM accredited), Wager Junction Group (accredited by CM) and the VIP gains group. Those who have a known history of problems have marked with warnings. A good portion of these casinos are untested.

Game Selection & House Edge

The following table lists the available Games and corresponding house advantage. Most Real Time Gaming Games to allow operators to change standard payouts, so the house edge of the games can vary from one casino to another. For example, the number of decks in blackjack at any number between 1 and 255 RTG operators. The default is 8 decks Bodog uses 4 decks and iNetBet uses 6 decks.


Some Real Time Gaming casinos offer cashable bonuses traditional with a wager requirement. Others offer “sticky” bonuses can be bet, but never withdrawn. Bonuses may Limitations game, have great application requirements and maximum cash out restrictions; so make sure to read the T & C before the game. Bonuses usually require redeem a coupon before you make a deposit.

Country Restrictions

Many Real Time Gaming casinos allow players from the United States. See the USA? Column for certain casinos. Other countries are usually allowed.

5 casino table games

Casino gambling may seem complicated to people new to the arena. There are many different types of casino table games, each with its own rules. Some games have higher payouts than others. Here are five table games in most gambling establishments are found.

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games. The aim is to get a higher hand of cards than the dealer without going over 21 points. First, you must place a bet in the betting area, usually represented by a circle or square to place. The dealer then places one card face up and one card face down in front of him and two cards face up in front of you. You can “hit” that take an additional card, or means “stand” which leaves things as they are. If you go over 21 then you automatically lose or “overbought”. The traders on the range is sufficient. If his cards total 16 points or less, he must take another card. If it 17-21 points, he must stand. You need to get the most points, without going over 21 to win the bet. If you want to bind, it is considered a push and you neither gain nor lose.

Roulette is French for little wheel, what is played on the game. Player bets on a single number or range of numbers, the colors red or black, and numbers that are odd or even. The dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction on the way around the circumference of the wheel running. Finally, the ball falls on the wheel and lands on a colored or 38 numbered pockets on the wheel. French and European roulette wheels have 39 bags. There are many rules of etiquette in Roulette, like chips on the board and not throwing them.

Craps is the fastest moving of all casino table games, sometimes with an average of up to 100 hands per hour. There are dozens of betting options, which intimidate the game for new players. Most of the tables are double layouts. In the middle of one side of the table is the Boxman, the supervisor. Dealer give him the money that they collect, and he puts it in a drop box. The stick figure is directly opposite the boxman. He uses a stick to push the dice to the shooter and gets the results of the single wheel. Between the boxman and stickman boxes for proposal (a role) are betting. There are two dealers on the sides to take the bets before the dice thrown and make payouts to the winners.
Big Table Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino table games in existence. Big Table Baccarat is played at a private table about the size of a craps table. There are three casino dealers and up to 12 to 14 players. The minimum bet is usually high. Each player places on either the bank or the dealer. The deal rotates around the table, even though the players skip their turn and pass the shoe to the next player. The same player deals, as long as the banker keeps winning. The dealer deals two cards face down under the shoe and places two cards face down in front of the player with the largest bet. The player checks his cards and gives it back to the dealer who she turns so that the totals can be announced. The higher total hand is the winner.
Three Card Poker

The player makes an Ante or Pair Plus bet before the game begins. The dealer handed three tickets for himself and each player. The dealer’s cards are face down, but the players can check their cards. When the player places a bet, he must get out, forfeiting his bet, or raise, so that an additional bet equal to the ante bet. The dealer turns his cards. He needs a Queen or higher to qualify or else the player wins money on the ante and the bet will be to push. The higher hand wins. In the case of a Pair Plus bet, the money is paid entirely based on the poker value of the player’s hand.

When you visit a casino, it is helpful to understand the basics. Games include dice, cards, or a combination of the two. These five casino table games are found in most plants. It takes time to get variations of the rules, but the fastest way to learn is to watch.

Online Casino Bonus Guide

Online Casino Bonus Guide

Online casinos offer bonuses for new depositors to promote. This gives players a reason to try a new site. These bonuses you reduce the house edge to the games.

Online casino bonuses are usually deposited in a player’s account in the form of chips at the time of deposit. Such funds can be played with in the casino immediately. This differs from poker bonuses where a player a certain amount of rake or poker to generate points in order to receive the bonus.

Most online casino bonuses are described with a percentage and a dollar amount. The most common percentage of 100%, while the dollar amounts usually between $ 100 and $ 500. A player offered a 100% up to $ 500 bonus would receive a dollar for dollar match. The maximum bonus for this offer would be $ 500. Players could pay less and get a match on these smaller deposit amount.

How to Make an Online Casino Bonus Delete

Online casino bonuses are deleted using a formula based on the amount wagered. It is a requirement that roller will be described as a number. Examples are 10x, 20x, 30x and 50x. This number is required before a withdrawal is requested multiplier. It is important to understand that once a bonus has been accepted their conditions must be met before the casino to honor a withdrawal request.

A 20-bonus would require a player to 20 times the amount of the bonus can withdraw before applying. A 20x $ 500 deposit bonus would require $ 10,000 in stakes casino game.

Game Restrictions

Many online casinos games from bonus offers limited. The most likely matches are excluded baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette and video poker. These games are not allowed for various reasons.

Baccarat, craps and roulette players have been known by the bets and try to cheat the system. Baccarat players could try with clearing a bonus of betting on the player and banker on the same hand away. In craps, that would mean better the pass line and not on the same role. A roulette player can try to bet red or black or odd and even on the same spin.

Blackjack and Video Poker have a very low house edge. This could be easy to clear bonuses with low wager requirements.

An online casino can increase the wagering requirements for these games or even to exclude.

Only slots bonuses

Online casinos like bonuses offer are the only slots. The terms slots is used by brick and mortar casinos, often contains video poker. It never contains video poker when they are used by casino sites. Slots describe specifically line and role play. These bonuses will usually allow for a much lower wagering requirements as bonuses, the other games. This is due to the higher house advantage.

Reload Bonuses

Casino sites may reload bonuses for players who have already made a deposit offer. These are often weekly promotions and some can only apply for certain games. Holiday weekends are another time casino reload bonuses may be available. Check the online casino promotions page to see whether a reload bonus offer is active.

Read important to Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has to disclose its advertising terms-this is required by gaming regulations. It is imperative that you read the advertising information. It regulates exactly how the bonus will be deleted, and what is required before a withdrawal request can be made.