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Oasis Poker Overview

Oasis Poker is a variation of Caribbean Stud Poker, discards allowed for a fee. I’ve only watched the game with Net Entertainment, Vuetec and Gale Wind software. Low house advantage of the game is a viable option, if Blackjack and… Continue Reading →

Blackjack Tournament Strategy Tips

A blackjack tournament strategy differs from standard table games. Gambling involves playing against any other players, not just the dealer. For this reason, the strategy for tournament play requires the ability to read your opponents, managing your bankroll to stay on the number… Continue Reading →

Money Management

As part of our casino game game strategy guides, a very important part of any kind of casino game play is money management, you must have, and before you actually begin in your head, real money casino game, an additional… Continue Reading →

Slot games strategy

If you enjoy playing slot games online, but never seems to succeed in a winning session, then you must be wondering what it is that attracts you to keep you playing stuck in the game slot machines usually. All game… Continue Reading →

Tips on how to play roulette successfully

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino table games. The game typically draws a large crowd on busy nights. It can be fun, just throw some money at random, but that’s not a good strategy if you want to… Continue Reading →


Introduction Baccarat is a common game that is with almost all online software. Bets on both player and banker have a similar chance of winning and a low house edge of just over 1%. Unfortunately, the game is only rarely… Continue Reading →

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