As long as there is gambling, there were betting systems. Gamblers have tried to use different systems of bets to beat the casino games. Unfortunately, many of these systems have no mathematical basis and those who do not yet flawed in other ways. There is use a system to help players bet that is more dangerous than any other.
Hello Mr. Martingale

The infamous betting system ever, is known as the “Martingale”. Gamblers have used this method for generations. Most were confident that with this system would guarantee them success in the casino. The mathematics behind the system are solid, but the casinos have implemented rules, so it does not effectively maintain.

The system itself is actually quite simple. With the roulette game as an example, you would (1:1) to choose a “even money” bet. In other words, this method with bets that you would use paid 10 dollars, if you. $ 10, as the choice to put red or black on the roulette wheel Once you have made your selection, place a small bet, preferably the table minimum. If you won the bet, you would remove your profits and make another selection even money. If you lost the bet, you would double the amount. If you lost a five dollar bet and started, you would increase your bet to $ 10. If you lose the 10 dollar bet, you would double the bet to $ 20. This pattern would continue until you have won, and then you would go back to your original bet.

In theory, this method of betting is working. How long can you keep doubling your bet, eventually you will win and your profit is the amount of your original bet be. However, this system is available in the casino environment can be financially devastating. The casinos have maximum betting limits for that reason. If red or black comes multiple times in a row, you bet a large amount of money to gain very little. At a certain point, you will reach the table limit and does not allow you to double your bet. When this happens, you will have lost a very large sum of money. Many people believe that it is unlikely to come for a color that recognize many times in a row, but it happens more than people. It is not uncommon for a color to get 10 or more times in a row.
Others lose Progression Betting Systems

Each system of betting, where you increase the amount you use, if you lose, should be avoided. This is called a loss progression or “hunting” your losses. Players who use any of these systems of bets often experience financial ruin much faster than a player who flat betting (betting the same amount) is. Losing progressions or double after a loss can seem like a logical way your losses appear to recoup quickly, but if a long dry spell occurs, will result in your bankroll.

Avoid any kind of loss progression system of betting. Whether it is. Around Martingale system where you double your bet after a loss or any other system where you increase your bet after a loss