Roulette is a fun and exciting game in the casino, but it can be confusing to place bets the first time. You have a lot of options to win, and all with different odds. Before you play, it helps to understand what you are trying to win. Depending on how lucky you feel, you may be better off to make a bet, the lower rate, but has higher payout. Once the different types of bets and what they understand to mean you’ll be a pro.
Straight Bet

A straight bet is the highest paying bet on the roulette table, but also the most difficult to win. It is also the easiest to understand. To play a straight bet, you can easily get your bet on which number you think the wheel will land. It must be based on this number to land for you to win. If so, it pays 35-1. As you can see, when you hit it with a large amount, you can score big.
Other inside bets

A straight bet is known as an “inside bet.” This means that you place your bet in the table on the numbers themselves. You place your chips on the lines between numbers. Where you place your chips determined the numbers that you play. Putting is a chip on the line between two numbers, you win if the wheel lands on one of these numbers. A corner for four numbers means you play four numbers. The more numbers you play, the higher the chances of winning.
Red or Black

This is a popular outside bet, and one of the most popular bets on the table. Basically, you are betting that the wheel on which color you land your money on. If it lands on this color, you win. This bet pays 1 to 1 odds. You will not get rich by this bet, but if you play for a bit, you’ll probably gain a few spins.
Further field work

There are other outside bets next to red or black. You can play even or odd, high or low, or a set of 12 numbers. These bets usually have low payouts, but better opportunities. Many players play these exclusively. Some players play a combination of inside and outside bets to maximize their chances of winning. The minima for inside and outside bets can be different.
Green or zero

It may not seem like a big deal, but this bet is what the casino’s edge in roulette. At the top of the table, you will notice a green field with a zero inside. This is a bet that pays just within 35-1. Since there are only 36 numbers, the addition of green space gives the casino a slight advantage. You can see a wheel with two spaces, one with a zero, and one with two zeros, known as “double zero”. Be careful, because that gives the casino more of an edge, but not to change the payout.

Roulette may seem confusing when you see it, but it’s actually quite easy to learn. Many people develop systems for betting, but the reality is that the odds are the same no matter what numbers you play. If you play for fun, and you’ll find your favorite way to bet, you will have fun. You can even gain a little.