Casinos slow implementation of a rule change in the game of blackjack. Many players are not aware of any such amendment or its meaning. Therefore, casinos continue to the number of games that increase use of this new rule because it favors the house. This slight rule change may have a significant impact on the casino advantage.
How do you get blackjack?

When you play blackjack, if you have a sheet with ten value card (10, Jack, Queen, King or) and an Ace, you have a natural 21 This is also known as “Black Jack”. Since you scored your first two cards total 21, you get a bonus payout instead of the usual even money (1:1) payout for a win. Unless the dealer also has a blackjack then this is called a “push” or tie, and no money is exchanged.
What is a Payout 3.02 blackjack?

This is the original bonus payout for blackjack. This rule has been around for decades and is considered the standard blackjack payout. Suppose you were to bet $ 10 for a hand blackjack. If you won the hand, you would win $ 10. However, if you receive a blackjack, $ 15 would win. This rule is advantageous for the player. It is one of the reasons the players are able to play blackjack with only a small advantage for the casino.
Why are casinos change to a 6:05 payout?

Do not like casinos that an experienced player who used blackjack basic strategy can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. In fact, a blackjack player who, in combination with basic card counting strategy actually uses an edge over the casino. To combat this, casinos discovered a way to pass without indignation to change the rules a large part of their customer base. They realized that they could change the distribution to the Blackjack 6:05, and most players would not notice the difference or understand the implications.
What does reveal a blackjack survey?

Gamblers were asked to leave a casino. The casino had blackjack games with the same rules, except some of the games had a payout 3.02 blackjack and some had a payout 6:05. The players blackjack games were played 06:05 wondered why they played these games when there was 3:02 games. The majority responded that they do not notice, modify the rule or that they do not really understand what it meant. A smaller percentage said that they thought 06.05 clock was better than 3.02 since the numbers were higher. The smallest percent specified that once they realized was only the 6:5 payout of the better games 3:02 they changed.
How Does a Bad 6:05 Payout Hurt You?

If you bet 10 and get a on a blackjack game 06.05 clock, instead of receiving $ 15, you get only 12 dollars. This may not seem like a significant difference, but this one usually gives the casino an additional 1.39 percent advantage. If you were betting $ 10 per hand over a period of four hours of the time (80 hands per hour), this would be a rule change will cost on average about $ 45.

Do not be reached in casinos with this deception and changing the rules in their favor. If you encounter a game 06.05 clock, not to play, and not frequent casinos that use this horrible rule. Make sure that the casino staff know why you so that you have their casino. Tell them you will not come back until they return to change their standard blackjack rules 3:02 disbursement.